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Below are some of the letters and comments that were made by our patients regarding their treatment experience at Fitzpatrick Consultation and Treatment, LLC. 

I highly recommend Crystal because I believe she brings out the best in me.  Every time I see her, I leave the office feeling as though I have a better grasp on my life, as though I have the power to make all the changes I've put off over the years. And it turns out, I do. She insists that it's me doing all the work !  But I've seen numerous counselors prior to her, and none of them took my personal change as seriously as I do. None of them could ask thoughtful, meaningful questions without interrogating or raising my defenses. None of them inspired me to face my fears and fulfill my dreams. She has. Before, I thought psychotherapy was, at best, a good outlet for venting; at worst, a complete waste of time. But in the past year working with her, I've surpassed obstacles I never had the courage even to face before, and with that has come incredible confidence, perspective, and satisfaction. THAT is why I'd recommend her to anyone.  

- S.


My husband and I have been to several marriage counselors in our 16 years of marriage.  I have heard everything from " buy some new sleeping attire" to "you just have to try to get along".  All good advise I guess, but not very helpful.  Our sessions with you have been much more helpful than others.  You have given us tools to help ourselves,  and that has been what we have needed and have not been getting from therapy thus far.  I feel encouraged by our all those assignments that you give us to do between our visit to better communicate with each other.  I need to feel that I am moving toward a better life with my husband.  Not just waiting for our next session.  We need to learn better ways to communicate, and I think we have to be taught and practice these traits.  Thank you for listening to us and helping our marriage.      

- V. and D.   


I have been very skeptical about taking medication for my mood and resisted doing so for years.  But at my therapist's urging, I came to see her.  Crystal was non-judgmental and quite understanding of my fears and apprehension surrounding medications.  She spent a lot of time with me explaining and answering all the questions I had for her.  It took couple of sessions for me to feel okay about take some medications but I finally did decide to do so.  I still don't like having to take medication in general, but I can say that I do feel better with it than without it.  The point of this story is that I have seen several different doctors for medication regarding my mood, but no one has taken the time that Crystal has taken with me to explain and describe everything (She even had my husband come in so that he could have his questions answered).  I also like her philosophy in medication management.  She said we would start low and go up on the dosage slow until I felt better with it.  Crystal was quite adamant about making sure that I was on the lowest amount of medication that was the most effective for managing my symptoms.  I only see her once a month now and still see my therapist, but I am feeling much more hopeful about my future.  If you are reading this and have been contemplating trying some medication, give Crystal a call.  I'm glad I did. 

- J.       


I have been a smoker for more than 15 years and with a short series of Dr. Fitzpatrick's smoking cessation hypnotherapy program, I have been able to quit smoking for good.  Thank you Dr. Fitzpatrick for giving me back the ability to breathe again.

- A.


Hypnotherapy with Dr. Fitzpatrick has changed my life.  I have been fighting my weight most of my life.  But since I started with Dr. Fitzpatrick's weight management hypnotherapy, I have lost a total of 52 lbs in 7 months.  Now I am the same weight I was when I got married.  I can't thank her enough.  I would also recommend trying the personalized subliminal CDs.  They helped me tremendously with my emotional eating issues. 

 - T.


I come in feeling overloaded and tired and I leave Crystal's office feeling lighter and more relaxed.  I feel that our sessions are productive and it doesn't feel like an exercise in passivity.  I know that this is a place where I won't be judged or blamed.  I think that speaks for itself.

- J.


Dr. Fitzpatrick has help me stabilize my mood so that I can work and live like everyone else.  I came to see her at my worst, she made me feel safe because she was so calm, down to earth, and knowledgeable.  I just can't say enough about her.  She has really saved my life. 

- Y.


Dear Dr. Fitzpatrick,  I would like to thank you for being my Doctor.  I have been under a doctor's care since I was 16 and I am now 61.  I live with my sister and her family and I need to have someone to talk to that I trust and to work things out with.  It has been hard sometimes to find someone that I felt comfortable with.  Sometimes I have had to go to Doctors just to get my meds. I found that that is not a good way to care for myself and to stay healthy.  I never want to go backwards.  As I grow older I have different needs, it really helps me to have you as my doctor to work through things and to help evaluate my needs.  I need to have someone patient and kind because I don't always understand things.  Thanks you so much for being that person.

- J.


Dr. Crystal Fitzpatrick,  I should have written this letter much sooner, I hope you know how much help you have been to my daughter and myself.  It was so hard  to see her so depressed, angry and unreachable. I knew she was in there somewhere, and I missed her, the real her so much.  When looking for a doctor for her we went through a few before we found you.  What a difference!  Rather than a visit to a doctor, sitting behind a desk and asking the same questions, without any connection to either one of us made my job harder.  As a mother I knew she needed help, as a patient, she was viewing it as another thing I have to do without results.   All of that changed after the first visit to you.  Your connection with her, gave me a great sense of relief, I felt that you were caring for her, I had a partner in having hope for a better life for her.  For a mother, that speaks volumes.  Medications played a part in her recovery, but having a connection, a treatment plan, encouragement, and with my daughter's permission, explaining things to me, was so helpful and encouraging.  I cannot say enough to tell you how thankful I am to you for your dedication to your patients and their families.  My sincerest appreciation. 

- D.


I was recommended Dr. Crystal by a family friend who is already a patient of hers.  I had recently been through some difficult times and needed to speak with someone, but was kind of skeptical of the whole therapy/medication thing.  But since she came so highly recommended I decided to give it a try.  I have to say that coming to see Dr. Crystal was one of the best thing I could have done.  She has helped me in ways I didn't think therapy and medication could.  Now I know why she was so highly recommended.  I find myself telling people I know to go see her if they feel they need a skillful and knowledgeable person to speak to and work with when they feel like their life is spinning out of control.  Thanks Doc.

- A.


She has been a beacon in my stormy life.  She has challenged me gently and helped me bring about positive and constructive changes in my life. 

- G.


I first met Dr. Crystal Fitzpatrick via the telephone. She had just finished a psychiatric evaluation of my mother who was a patient at a local hospital at the time and who had been through hell and was behaving strangely. My father asked and Crystal agreed to speak with me in NYC from the hospital room. That was my first clue that she was different and special. She took a great deal of time with me that first phone call.  She explained all of the possibilities, and when I asked if we could see her for a consultation after my Mom was released, she gave my Dad her card. Many months later when my Mother was home and stabilized, I made an appointment. Crystal began by changing her medicine completely, explaining that what she had previously been on was often problematic for seniors. I saw a difference almost immediately. By our second meeting my Mother felt comfortable enough to 'let it all hang out.' Crystal tweaked her medication and she's been stable ever since......which was a pretty big deal, since previously I had become accustomed to phone calls from my Father at all hours because my Mother's fear and anxiety was out of control. Crystal is a problem solver, she's detail oriented, she's kind, she's smart and she's flexible. I feel confident recommending her to anyone of any age who finds themselves in a circumstance that is too challenging to manage on their own.

 - R.

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