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Our Philosophy

I believe that Balance is one of the most important components of life. Not unlike the human body, which works constantly to keep itself at equilibrium, our mind strive for equilibrium. This is also known as Balance. I also believe that when one works to seek and achieve Clarity, in any situation, he or she will find peace and comfort. I interpret Clarity as the continual state of obtaining information and knowledge by asking questions, communicating, as well as validating information and/or feelings received from people around us in a cyclical way. I believe that Mindfulness is the key to maintaining continued balance and clarity in one's life. I see mindfulness as being in the "now"; being in the present moment and being available.

Many of us live either in the past or the future; we are often haunted by regrets from the past, or are worried about what will happen next.  Living this way robs us of the opportunities to be happy and experience joy in the "NOW." Unfortunately, not as many of us actually live in the "now." As I have said previously, some of us are drowning in our past or being suffocated by what lies ahead of us; feeling more and more out of control. I think when you are mindful of yourself, of your surroundings, and of the people around you, you'll begin to enjoy fulfillment that you've never known before.

My philosophy in treatment is quite simple. I believe that if you are "in treatment" that means that you are committed to learning and practicing the tools to achieve Balance, Clarity, and Mindfulness. I also believe that such Balance, Clarity, and Mindfulness in one's life can be obtained and maintained by tools cultivated through various forms of psychotherapy and/or psychopharmacology. Finally, I hope that Fitzpatrick Consultation and Treatment, LLC, can act as your guide or a toolsmith in your journey to achieving and maintaining your own Balance, Clarity, and Mindfulness.  

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Call or text us at (908) 419-8931 for your initial consultation, or emails us at to schedule an appointment.

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