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I am Dr. Crystal J. Fitzpatrick, PhD, APN, CARN - AP, MHt and I am the director and the founder of Fitzpatrick Consultation and Treatment, LLC. 

I find that most of us live our day to day lives without giving much thought to achieving and maintaining emotional balance, searching and obtaining clarity of the mind, and least of all, being mindful of ourselves and others around us the way we truly should be.  Because of that, some of us, from time to time, feel frustrated, lonely, angry, and even lost and in despair.  But, such state of being does not have to be permanent.  There is support, guidance, and help available, and that's where our services can make a positive difference. 

At Fitzpatrick Consultation and Treatment, LLC, you can find Balance, Clarity, and Mindfulness.  Through various forms of psychotherapy and/or pharmacotherapy (medications), you can start your journey towards healing, mending, and reconnecting with not only others, but with your genuine self as well.  However, this journey back to your authentic self must start with you. 

So take the first step towards more balanced, clear, and mindful life.  

Call or text us at (908) 419-8931.  You can also email us at for an appointment or to ask any question about our services.

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